Hands Free Bluetooth


This kit displays your mobile phone’s information on an LCD screen along with incoming calls, number dialled and the last number called. The screen/keypad can be installed anywhere on the dashboard and provides the optimal viewing angle for comfort and readability. Compatible with the majority of Bluetooth phones.

MANTIS S1700 (Visor Type)

The Mantis S1700 features text-to-speech with caller ID & status announcement. It can connect up to two handsets at the same time using Bluetooth, has multi-point operation simultaneously links handset and media device and cutting-edge noise suppression and echo cancellation techniques. The S1700 is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. It features up to 8 handset pairings. The S1700 utilizes speech recognition with compatible phones, and has an easy-to-mount with sun visor clip.

Drive N Talk KLAT 7

This unit is s a hands-free car kit installed behind car dashboard. Kit connects with mobile phone using Bluetooth wireless technology and provides excellent sound quality compared to visor type hands-free. No need to worry about charging. By using in-car speakers, KlaT7 provides outstanding sound performance compared to visor type hands-free. It uses front 2 speakers for calls and 4 speakers for music playback.

Drive N Talk BHF2000 (Visor Type)

What BHF2000 brings to the table is that drivers can and will have an access to most of the basic features of the phone, such as Bluetooth pairing, making and taking a call, and even sending and receiving text without having to touch anything. It can be and will be done with voice, helping its user to experience the comfort and safety of Bluetooth technology while driving. Also with the newly added technologies such as Gesture sensing and G-sensor offer automatic connection features, providing even more comfort for its users and minimizing distraction while driving.